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Social media marketing


Try to ignore it all you like, we are fused with our smartphones. We bump into lamp posts or walk past each other without noticing. In this, social media plays a big role. About time for a deeper dive into those channels.

Facebook: strategies for a targeted reach

BOEM agency stands out on Facebook by using advanced targeting options. By cleverly capitalizing on specific demographics, interests and behavioral patterns, your message is not just shown; it is a controlled burst of relevance. This approach transcends conventional ads, allowing your brand to reach the right people at the right time.

Instagram: visual attraction

At BOEM agency, we understand that Instagram is all about visual appeal. We are your partner through this visual journey and we provide stunning images and compelling videos. We create visual experiences for your social media campaigns that not only grab the attention of viewers, but also leave them with a lasting impression. We make sure your Instagram ads go beyond everyone else’s; we set off your stunning fireworks in the world of social media.


Our approach not only includes posting aesthetically pleasing content, but also using stories to build an authentic connection with your audience. By sharing regular updates on company culture, peeking behind the scenes and engaging users with your brand story, we strengthen brand loyalty on Instagram.

LinkedIn: professionalism and targeting

For B2B marketing, BOEM agency unleashes a controlled explosion of professionalism for your LinkedIn campaigns. Targeted to specific business functions, we create high-quality and professional content. Our ads are not your average creations; they are designed to fuel success. With this, your company is not just seen; it is recognized as a professional-level authority.


In addition, we focus on building thought leadership. By regularly sharing valuable insights and industry updates, we position your company as a trusted source of information on LinkedIn. This helps increase your credibility and attract valuable connections and leads.

YouTube: the visual stage for your story

At BOEM, we harness the unparalleled power of YouTube for your brand. With engaging videos designed specifically for the platform, we grab your audience’s attention amidst the overflow of content. With the immense reach of over two billion logged-in users per month and a preference for visual content, we make an impact. With various advertising options, including TrueView and skippable ads, we ensure that your brand is not only seen, but leaves a lasting impression with viewers on YouTube.

TikTok: creative expressions in the digital world

BOEM agency uses the creative power of TikTok to put your brand on the map. TikTok is a rapidly emerging platform that you should not pass up. We unleash a wide range of creative expressions, with short, catchy videos that make your brand stand out in a unique and engaging way. TikTok serves as the perfect playground for innovative marketing ideas, and we understand how to capture the attention of a young and dynamic audience, putting your brand in the spotlight on this vibrant platform.


Our TikTok strategy includes using popular trends and challenges to integrate your brand into the digital conversation. In doing so, TikTok acts as the perfect playground for innovative marketing ideas, and we truly understand how to capture the attention of a young and dynamic audience, putting your brand in the spotlight on this vibrant platform.

Mailing: direct communication with impact

BOEM agency makes sure your email marketing creates impact. By delivering valuable content and sending tailor-made messages, we ensure an extra portion of involvement. Mailing is a powerful tool to communicate directly with your audience and leave a lasting impression.


Our mailing strategy not only includes sending promotional emails, but also the use of personalized newsletters. By focusing on segmentation and providing value in each email, we increase the odds of conversion and retention of an engaged audience.

Banging results, no explosive costs

That which sets BOEM agency apart is our innovative approach, extraordinary collaboration and expertise. Our mission is clear: we combine data with creativity to create brands with ambition. The power of data analysis is at the core of our approach, allowing us to not only provide creative solutions, but also develop result-oriented strategies. BOEM agency acts as your expert partner in digital marketing, and together we strive to make brands sparkle in the digital landscape.


By advertising on various social media platforms, you can efficiently target and reach your audience. You save costs compared to other (very expensive) forms of advertising. All in all, there are a lot of possibilities and opportunities if you ask us. Increase your visibility and ensure interaction: follow, share and respond.

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