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Meet the team


At BOEM agency, our technical and creative talents cross-pollinate. Like the birds and the bees. That’s how they keep coming up with unique angles that ensure your brand’s digital future.
Also: save the bees. <3

Peter Managing partner
Mich Creative partner
Esther Project Manager
Lise Design
Dieter Development
Wei Yu HR
Jessie Office Manager
Giel Design / Motion
Paulien Project Manager
Kwinten Social
Charlotte Content
Frauke Intern

Our mission


We combine data with creativity to create brands with ambition.
A bit like chemistry: if it bangs, it’s right.

Our vision


Getting creative, smart and results-driven communication on target is what we believe in. Better (collaborative) work makes an ambitious brand, that we know for sure.

What’s in it for you


More BOEM is more bang for your buck. But that works both ways.
How so? In our workshops, we check out which goals we can achieve, but also how. We adjust those goals monthly in our BOEM crashboard meetings. Fewer BOEMs than expected? Fewer bucks from your account. Just like that.

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