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BOEM Business scan

Step into the world of our Company Scan, the ultimate tool for your employer branding. Curious about the secret blend of generations that makes your company unique? With our innovative tool, we delve into the dynamic mix of ages, uncovering not only which generation predominates in your organization but also examining this on a departmental level. We’ve already sorted it out for our company, so here’s a sneak peek at how your statistics could stand out.


Now, forget about those traditional HR reports that make you nod off. Our Company Scan goes beyond the standard analyses and injects a dose of fun into understanding your team. Based on your input, we not only report but also serve up vibrant recommendations on how to communicate with each generation. Whether you need to juggle with millennials, dance with Gen Z, or learn the ropes from the baby boomers, our Company Scan makes your company the place to be for all generations. Ready to rock? Let’s scan and roll!


Download the Excel template here or enter the data manually.