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For our people, we go all the way. We want to be a fun, stable workplace, and more; an inclusive place where everyone counts and it feels good to be around. If that sounds good, that’s because it is good. Promise.


For what Confucius has long known, we have known for some time too: if you enjoy your work, you’ll never have worked a day in your entire life. And if you don’t believe him, feel free to ask our people.

We think this is important

one team,
one goal

We work together as 1 team to make an impact for our partners.
Yes, we said partners. Because ‘clients’ is so 1980.


We take responsibility for our actions. Are we doing something wrong,
then we’d love to hear about it in our monthly impact meetings.

fun factor

We think it’s important to combine the pleasant with the useful,
in that order. And you’ll see that you on our social media.

Corporate social responsibility


At BOEM agency, we are fans of the Big Bang and everything that came after it. Therefore, we believe that everyone should do their part to protect Mother Earth. That means us, too.

Specifically, that means we:

  • print only on recycled paper.
  • make the switch to purchasing only sustainable and ecological materials
  • encourage our people to come to work by bicycle or public transportation. Morally and financially.
  • encourage vegetarian eating habits internally.
  • sort our waste properly.


We support a charity every year by offering our services for free. A new one every year, every year as near to our hearts as possible. In this way, we further contribute to a better society.
This year it’s socioeconomic bicycle maker Velo VZW. You can read all about it here.


We’re fully committed to a pleasant workplace where people can work in an autonomous, motivated and passionate way.
The best agency to work for AND with,” that’s our goal. And by now, you hopefully know how good we are with goals.

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